Can you say that you’ve experienced the most powerful journey of your life?

Discover purpose and belonging through a deep connection with the earth.

The Sacred Journey Mexico Retreat is offered by experienced, earth-centered healers, who have established a deep and reverent relationship with the land and her medicine.

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Sarah Hope Coaching, LLC.

Explore the ancient.

Root down to the ancient, soul-healing traditions of mystical Mexico, while connecting with your own true ancient nature.

Connect with the Earth.

Have you wondered what it would be like to work with the earth and her medicine in a truly sacred way? We can introduce you to a world of ENTHEOGENIC JOURNEY that is unlike anything you’ve experienced.

  • Connect with the earth through her medicines.

  • Hear her voice.

  • Meet your spirit animals and step through an ancient threshold on sacred Zapotec land, into your true purpose.

Travel Ethically and Deepen your Connection

Do you ever feel you’ve lost contact with your true self?

It’s easy to forget our true nature within the stressors of every day life.

When you travel with us, we’ll help you explore your own profound depth in a container of adventure and growth.

As well as grow through a deep connection with the rich culture that guarded and kept the traditions that guide our evolution and transformation in these trying times.

Travel with Sarah ensures you will be in ethical, right relationship with the land and her inhabitants.

“I continue to feel inspired by the wide range of experiences that were arranged and provided by Sarah, and by her enduring attention to the group's needs. What a unique opportunity she offers to learn about and experience the cultural healing legacy that is alive and well in Oaxaca!"

Land - Sky - Sea

Experience the rich cultural experience of Oaxaca City, the breathtaking beauty of San Jose del Pacifico, where you’ll float above the clouds, and the calming coastal beaches of Oaxaca.

Two Available dates  

Oaxaca, Mexico

September 2024


Land and Sky

7 days

before March 15st



Oaxaca, San Jose Del Pacifico and Huatulco

Land, Sky, Sea

9 days

$5500 before March 15st

Includes Beach Integration

Retreat Includes:

Mini Course on  the Mysteries of Oaxaca

Pre-retreat preparation support

Comfortable, culturally-oriented lodging

Transformational support from highly-experienced medicine women/men

Two delicious, healthy, Oaxaca-style meals daily

An unforgettable culinary experience at heritage kitchen and heirloom garden

Transportation while in Oaxaca

Guided cultural/folklore experiences throughout the city of Oaxaca

Daily meditations and somatic practice

Three days of ceremony with Indigenous Zapotec Medicine Keepers

Mushrooms - Fresh from Mother Earth

Translation from English to Spanish

Closing connection time on the beach

Post-journey integration support

"Traveling to Oaxaca for this incredibly special experience was a life highlight. Our time was both colorful and celebratory while also being profoundly cathartic, grounding, and spiritually rich. Sarah lead with compassion and the family with integrity and authenticity to this sacred lineage of plant medicine. As a professional in this field, I can’t recommend this retreat highly enough for those who are ready to dive deep for the sweet rewards of human healing."


"I had an absolutely incredible time traveling in Oaxaca, Mexico, with Sarah. The culture, sights, sounds, and flavors in the city were expansive and stimulating and provided ground for the retreat to San Jose del Pacifico, where time slowed and senses deepened. The time spent healing there...was very rich, individualized, and impactful. I felt so well cared for and respected by the atmosphere generated, able to both jump high and dive deep!“


Are you ready to say “yes” to the journey of a lifetime?

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